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Knowledge and Experience

Technicians and engineers working together to produce the best systems designed for our customers.

Products & Technology

AFCryo is built on 30 years of combined experience in the design and supply of highly efficient, extreme low-temperature coolers, cryostats and high-tech systems.
In the history of Fabrum Solutions and Absolut System, our engineers and technicians have supplied multiple systems worldwide, in a wide range of demanding circumstances and different applications.

Our dual pressure wave generator, coupled with the linear pulse tube, provides the cornerstone membrane technology cryocoolers that underpin our products. Our cryocoolers provide unparalleled performance and long-term operation. No other system meets the capability of our products for long-term commercial and industrial operation.

The AFCryo cryocoolers provide cooling power in the range of 100 – 10,000 Watt in a temperature range of 40 – 150 Kelvin. They can be used as liquefiers/recondenser (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Methane, Argon, Neon, Biogas) or as a refrigerator to cool devices (HTS, detectors…) through forced gas circulation loop.

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Unique features

The product range is set up in such a way that any capacity and application can be met, using multiple units with customized specifications. Our customers are supplied with the most efficient, reliable and user-friendly cryogenic cooling solution possible.
AFCryo cryocooler unique features include:

Patented dual diaphragm pressure wave generator: delivers a rugged, low maintenance and efficient cryocooling solution.

Long life diaphragm separating cryogenic cold head from a pressure wave generator: ensures a clean cryogenic system with zero performance degradation during its operating life.

Off-the-shelf drive mechanisms and components: motors, seals, bearings and controls are easy to source and replace, ensuring minimal downtime in any service period.

Long life pulse tube: no moving or wearing parts. The linear Pulse Tube allows a gravity feed of liquid back to the dewar.

Minimal set-up requirements: plug in for liquid production in 20 minutes.

Scalability: connect multiple units for greater production.

Annual servicing is simple and performed onsite: 40,000 hour servicing is done on location with supplied tools and training.


Cryocooler History

The history of our Cryocooler development.
Several years of intense design innovation and endurance testing by Callaghan Innovation’s scientific team in New Zealand resulted in the development of the dual diaphragm pressure wave generator technology.

Early commercialization activity by Fabrum Solutions took this patented technology through to robust industrialized products that offer confidence in long-term operation with zero degradation in performance.

Further development and testing of products, using Coaxial Pulse Tube and Linear Pulse Tube technologies, provided the prototypes for the 330cc DPWG and the 1000cc DPWG.

Fabrum Solutions partnered with Absolut System to develop the large-scale linear pulse tube. This provides high-efficiency, zero-maintenance cooling.

Success! A fully market-tested product is available to be confidently placed in demanding circumstances and locations. The AFCryo PTC330 and PTC1000 units deliver long-term efficient cooling solutions. 40,000+ continuous hours endurance running milestones accomplished.

Commercial production of cryocoolers and liquefiers utilizing ISO9001:2015 design, manufacturing and assembly processes. Units installed in multiple locations globally for use in LNG, liquid air, LIN and LOX production. Endurance testing of new generation stirling cold head commences.