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Case Studies

CLSS (CryoLife Support Systems)

CLSS and BCS Life Support has amassed over 1000 research hour’s and 10 years of consulting to NASA. Employing personnel with over 100+ years combined experience at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, the CLSS team has extensive and varied experience which has put the company in the unique position to utilize the enormous market potential for the use of cryogenic Liquid Air.

Compressed air has its own hazards because it’s stored at a high pressure. It’s also heavy and takes up a lot of space. Compressed 100 percent oxygen can present potential fire hazards. BCS partnered with NASA’s Biomedical Lab and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) to develop zero-loss liquid air storage and a cryogenic breathing apparatus that works 90 degrees from vertical in any direction.

A technology used by NASA to protect crews working around hazardous gases soon could be called on for a number of life-saving applications as well as the agency’s new human spaceflight endeavors. The Cryogenic Refuge Alternative Supply System (CryoRASS) and a smaller liquid air-filled backpack under development in Kennedy Space Center’s Biomedical Lab have the potential to store more than twice the amount of breathable air than traditional compressed gas systems. Whilst one key advantage to the liquid air systems is improved safety, it also cools the worker minimising heat stress, and provides significantly longer breathe times on same sized units. The liquid air system has real applications in hazardous environments, rescue missions and below ground recovery scenarios. The challenge is having on-site zero loss liquid air production capability. CLSS have chosen AFCryos cryocoolers to partner with to overcome this challenge. AFCryo cryocoolers combined with the CLSS/NASA liquid filled backpacks now brings this technology to global market. Words and images courtesy of CLSS.

Southern Gas Systems

Southern Gas Services Ltd is a New Zealand owned and operated company, servicing a diverse customer base which ranges from Aviation to Viticulture throughout both New Zealand and Australia. SGS carry an extensive portfolio of atmospheric, process and speciality gas and gas related equipment, representing only the finest products from world leading manufacturers in their given field. SGS is increasingly recognised for its innovative culture, operational excellence, commitment to customer requirements and safety. SGS specialise in on-site gas generation. Their product range offers unmatched reliability and efficiency backed by outstanding service and after sales service.

SGS have expanded their supply to customers by integrating the AFCryo cryocoolers with their gas systems to provide on-site liquid nitrogen supply. These systems have been in continuous automated operation for over two and a half years.