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In the applied sciences, the safe storage and preservation of medical or research samples such as blood, plasma, semen and cells is often needed.


When learning and developing innovation in the applied sciences, the safe storage and preservation of medical or research samples such as blood, plasma, semen and cells is often needed. There can also be a requirement to create atmospherically controlled environments too. The proven way to do this in most cases is with Liquid Nitrogen. Typically, this is delivered to the laboratory or research space, as and when needed, or stored on site in a tank. An alternative, safer, more reliable option is producing liquid nitrogen onsite.


Reduces Cost. Saves Time

For scientists, researchers, students and teachers, the ability to generate liquid nitrogen and store or transport it as you require, as and when you need it, not only reduces cost and saves time, but most importantly, it reduces the risk of contamination due to less handling. You have complete confidence your work is safe. The cost to produce the liquid utilizing an AFCryo cryocooler, is also significantly less than the commercial cost of delivering and storing the liquid.

The AFCryo range will provide the nitrogen you need, whenever you need it, along with absolute peace of mind as to the purity and quality.

With proven New Zealand developed technology, developed with over 13 years of research and development, the AFCryo Evercold range will drastically reduce your cost per cubic metre of gas, and provide a high performance cryocooler with low maintenance requirements, meaning your time and effort can be focused on your key projects, research and work.

Reliable and Effective

The most reliable and effective option for protecting the integrity of critical research is producing liquid nitrogen onsite. Liquid Nitrogen is available when and where you need it, at the flick of a switch. No delays. No waiting for delivery and greatly improved costs through reducing losses in storage and transfer.

Producing liquid nitrogen on demand, on site vastly reduces the cost per cubic metre of gas or per litre of liquid, and you completely remove transportation and handling costs.

If you’re already using liquid nitrogen, delivered, there’s increased savings too with a reduction in wastage, often called ‘boil off’, due to being able to have your nitrogen on demand, therefore not sitting in storage, which does have a boil off while stored, and at each point of transfer eg from the supplier to the tank, while stored in the tank, and if decanted. The first two areas of gas loss are removed when you move to an AFCryo onsite cryocooler.

Moving to an onsite ‘gas to liquid’ solution, powered with one of the AFCryo Evercold crycoolers, will enable the university or research facility to reduce cost while maintaining quality.

There are significant benefits, such as:


  • Absolute surety of supply
  • Availability – there when needed
  • Affordable total cost of ownership solution
  • Down time/man hours minimised so resources are focused on core operations
  • Increased efficiencies through reduced administration ordering supply
  • Increased efficiency and lower cost through low maintenance requirements


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The complete liquid Nitrogen solution is powered by the proven, fourth generation cryocooler technology developed from 13 years extensive R&D. Click here for technical details.