Increasing global regulations on methane emissions for marine transportation demand a mobile, rugged reliquefying solution.


Increasing global regulations on methane emissions for marine transportation demand a mobile, rugged reliquefying solution. The AFCryo products are rugged and made to  industrial standards, and have been designed to be compatible with shipping industry requirements.


Flexible and Scalable

These can be used for the reliquefaction of methane boil-off during marine transportation, as well as maintenance cooling for distribution tanks.

There is added flexibility with the scalability of units, 3kW to 15kW packages

We provide all our customers cryogenic systems with:

  • High reliability and low maintenance
  • High performance
  • Low cost

AFCryo is a credible and innovative operation, supported by leading global resources :

  • 50 highly skilled engineers and technicians
  • 2500m² of production facility
  • 700m² of offices and laboratories
  • 1 ISO8 clean room
  • Mechanical and thermal environmental test

Industrial Solution

Diaphragm Pressure Wave Generator an industrial solution, perfect for marine transport:

  1. Patented dual diaphragm pressure wave generator delivers rugged, low maintenance and efficient cryocooling
  2. Long life diaphragm separating the cryogenic cold head from the pulsation wave components: no impurities
  3. Off-the-shelf drive mechanisms and components: motors, seals, bearings and controls

Using Patented

There are significant benefits, such as:

  • Absolute surety of supply
  • Availability – there when needed
  • Affordable total cost of ownership solution
  • Down time/man hours minimised so resources are focused on core operations
  • Increased efficiencies through reduced administration ordering supply
  • Increased efficiency
  • Lower cost than delivered solutions
  • Lower cost compared with other onsite options due to robustness and low maintenance requirements


Research shows that the common challenges in managing LNG for marine transport include:

– Rapid start/stop and flexibility

– Plant simplicity

– Ability to operate during voyages with pitch and roll

– Space on board

– Fair value for money

– Easy installation

– Safe

– low amounts of hazardous inventory in plant

Source: ON-BOARD RELIQUEFACTION FOR LNG SHIPS By Dr. K-D. Gerdsmeyer & W.H.Isalski

We are confident the AFCryo range meets all of these requirements, especially that of operating at sea with pitch and roll. These units have proven fourth generation technology and are designed for rugged environments and industrial applications.

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