Designed to fully meet the expectations of performance and functionality for HTS applications for transformers and FCLs.


The AFCryo cryocoolers have been designed to fully meet the expectations of performance and functionality for HTS (high temperature semiconductor) applications for transformers and FCLs (fault current limiters). From small to large volume liquid nitrogen production and reliquefaction, AFCryo’s Evercold range can provide a multi-staged cryocooling solution to meet the demands. This can also be scaled up to multiple units for redundancy proofing if needed.


Where and When you need it

The AFCryo Evercold range will provide the nitrogen you need, whenever you need it, along with absolute peace of mind as to the purity and quality.

With proven New Zealand developed technology, developed with over 13 years of research and development,the AFCryo Evercold range will drastically reduce your cost per cubic metre of gas, and provide a high performance cryocooler with low maintenance requirements.

There are significantbenefits, such as:

  • Absolute surety of supply
  • Availability – there when needed
  • Affordable total cost of ownership solution
  • Down time/man hours minimised so resources are focused on core operations
  • Increased efficiencies through reduced administration ordering supply
  • Increased efficiency
  • Lower cost than delivered solutions

Lower cost compared with other onsite options due to robustness and low maintenance requirements


The complete liquid Nitrogen solution is powered by the proven, fourth generation cryocooler technology developed from 13 years extensive R&D.

AFCryo’s Evercold range features commercialised dual diaphragm pressurewave  cryocooler  technology, which  provides  a  viable  industrialised  cryocooler  solution  from  cooling  loads  ranging  from  0.5kW  to  10Kw. Thanks to this innovation, these machines are robust, rugged and can handle rural, remote, industrial or scientific environments.

Whilst many variations of cryocoolers are available, few systems can provide industrialized functionality such as this.

The AFCryo Evercold systems require very low maintenance and can run in harsh environments with no degradation to cooling performance over the life of the unit giving excellent performance for many years.

This ensures continuous operation extending beyond 50,000 hours giving a low cost of ownership and surety of supply – this is particularly important when handling or transporting valuable genetics.

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