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Animal Science

The wellbeing, care and herd development of animals is an important, high risk, costly field.


The wellbeing, care and herd development of animals is an important, high risk, costly field.  One that is highly dependent on skilled experts and top quality supplies and materials.


High Quality and Effective

In any of the following areas, AFCryo has a top quality, effective and affordable supply solution:

  • Biosecurity and disease prevention utilizing biological testing
  • Disease surveillance
  • Equine care
  • Herd management via artificial insemination, utilizing fertility freezing of semen
  • Not only is AI used for agriculture but has been used for the conservation of threatened or endangered animals too
  • Ideal for remote locations where regular supply is difficult, costly or unreliable

Since its inception in the late 1800s, artificial insemination has been used to improve herd quality and animal breeding. However, the technique was developed further nearly one hundred years ago, to include methods for the cryopreservation (preservation through freezing) of semen. It was the cryopreservation that led to the global, widespread use of artificial insemination in animals.

Cyopreservation that is an essential part of a reliable artificial insemination service –  it is what keeps the straws of semen ‘frozen’ during transportation, often from lab to site, and across towns, cities and continents. These straws are typically transported to site for insemination in a dewar, which is filled with liquid nitrogen to maintain the low temperature needed.

Where and When you need it

Having on-site liquid nitrogen production enables the ability to produce liquid nitrogen where and when you need it. The cost to produce the liquid utilizing the AFCryo cryocoolers is also significantly less than the commercial cost of storing or delivering liquid.

For AI users, we know it’s necessary to keep liquid nitrogen supply throughout the process and in locations where there are fluctuations and variations in power supply. The AFCryo Evercold range can auto-start after power outages, and has the ability to detect brown outs and shutdown, restarting when full power is restored. The AFCryo range will also operate from sea level to 3000m altitude, and -20 C to +50C temperature, perfect for when you need liquid nitrogen in remote and rugged locations such as the Australian Outback and Africa.

The AFCryo Evercold range will provide the nitrogen you need, whenever you need it, along with absolute peace of mind as to the purity and quality.

With proven New Zealand developed technology, developed with over 13 years of research and development, the AFCryo Evercold range will drastically reduce your cost per cubic metre of gas, and provide a high performance cryocooler with low maintenance requirements, meaning your time and effort can be focused on animal care and herd development.


Reliable and Effective

The most reliable and effective option for protecting crucial genetics and giving excellent animal care is onsite production of liquid nitrogen – having it available when and where you need it, at the flick of a switch. No delays. No waiting for delivery and greatly improved costs through significantly reduced losses in storage and transfer.

If you’re already using liquid nitrogen, delivered, there’s increased savings too with a reduction in wastage, often called ‘boil off’, due to being able to have your nitrogen on demand, therefore not sitting in storage, which does have a boil off while stored, and at each point of transfer eg from the supplier to the tank, while stored in the tank, and if decanted. The first two areas of gas loss are removed when you move to an AFCryo onsite cryocooler.

There are significant benefits, such as:

  • Absolute surety of supply
  • Availability – there when needed
  • Affordable total cost of ownership solution
  • Down time/man hours minimised so resources are focused on core operations
  • Increased efficiencies through reduced administration ordering supply
  • Increased efficiency
  • Lower cost than delivered solutions
  • Lower cost compared with other onsite options due to robustness and low maintenance requirements


The complete liquid Nitrogen solution is powered by the proven, fourth generation cryocooler technology developed from 13 years extensive R&D.

AFCryo’s Evercold range features commercialised dual diaphragm pressure wave  cryocooler  technology, which  provides  a  viable  industrialised  cryocooler  solution  from  cooling  loads  ranging  from  0.5kW  to  10Kw. Thanks to this innovation, these machines are robust, rugged and can handle rural, remote, industrial or scientific environments.

Whilst many variations of cryocoolers are available, few systems can provide industrialized functionality such as this.

The AFCryo Evercold systems require very low maintenance and can run in harsh environments with no degradation to cooling performance over the life of the unit giving excellent performance for many years.

This ensures continuous operation extending beyond 50,000 hours giving a low cost of ownership and surety of supply – this is particularly important when handling or transporting valuable genetics.

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