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About AFCryo

AFCryo is a New Zealand registered and domiciled company exporting technology globally. Established in 2015, the founding shareholders of the business are Absolut System and Fabrum Solutions.

The two companies began working together eight years ago on a 1 MVA HTS transformer project, providing design and manufacturing of the composite cryostats and cryogenic cooling system. Success from this collaboration led to further joint activities on many global projects, resulting in the development of world leading cryocooler technology.

The company has progressed that patented technology into commercially available large-scale cryocooler and liquefier units, supported by design and production of full cryogenic cooling solutions for a myriad of applications.

The design, manufacture and assembly of these cryogenic products are ISO9001:2015 certified.


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Owners of AFCryo

Fabrum Solutions the power behind AFCryo

Located in Christchurch, NZ and New York, Fabrum Solutions is known as a world leader and innovator in the design, development and manufacture of composite cryostats and cryocoolers for cryogenic applications.

Established in 2004, Fabrum is a specialized team of mechanical and electrical engineers, designers and technicians working in a 2,500 m2 facility on the outskirts of Christchurch. We are dedicated to high precision design and manufacturing of cryocoolers, rare earth magnetic systems and composite products, including cryostats and superconducting magnets.


High Precision
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Absolut System

Absolut System is located in a large, bespoke office and laboratory space in Grenoble area. Absolut is a specialist engineering company with advanced expertize in cryogenic engineering, design and commercialization.

Founded in 2010, Absolut is a world leader in cryogenics and its application across a wide range of industries and services. Our team specializes in engineering, research and development in aerospace and cryogenic solutions.


and R&D Focus





Executive Team

Christopher Boyle, Managing Director

Hugh Reynolds, Technical Director

Julien Tanchon, European Director

Jonas Meier, Cryogenic Engineering

Nigel Bartlett, Global Business Manager

Cryocooler History

The history of our Cryocooler development.

Several years of intense design innovation and endurance testing by Callaghan Innovation’s scientific team in New Zealand resulted in the development of the dual diaphragm pressure wave generator technology.

Early commercialisation activity by Fabrum Solutions took this patented technology through to robust industrialised products that offer confidence in long-term operation with zero degradation in performance.

Further development and testing of products, using Coaxial Pulse Tube and Linear Pulse Tube technologies, provided the prototypes for the 330cc DPWG and the 1000cc DPWG.

Fabrum Solutions partnered with Absolut System to develop the large-scale linear pulse tube. This provides high-efficiency, zero-maintenance cooling.

Success! A fully market-tested product is available to be confidently placed in demanding circumstances and locations. The AFCryo PTC330 and PTC1000 units deliver long-term efficient cooling solutions. 40,000+ continuous hours endurance running milestones accomplished.

Commercial production of cryocoolers and liquefiers utilising ISO9001:2015 design, manufacturing and assembly processes. Units installed in multiple locations globally for use in LNG, liquid air, LIN and LOX production. Endurance testing of new generation stirling cold head commences.

The fully integrated and containerised solution CryoCube is delivered. CryoCube can be pre-commissioned and thoroughly tested before shipment. Customers experience installation and system operation within hours of the container delivery to the site.

Global partnership with UK company CPH2 delivers the lowest cost GREEN hydrogen through membrane-free electrolysis into an Irish B9 to X scheme. A holistic approach to energy sustainability provides multiple benefits to partners by producing pure oxygen and Green Hydrogen.

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